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BPAC Committees

Development Review Committee

Jeffrey Bakalchuck (chair)
Purpose of Committee:

  • Review site plans and provide comments to Planning Department
  • Make recommendations on development policy and ordinances
  • Provide comments on selected development plans and zoning map changes
  • Provide representation to the Development Review Board

Bike and Pedestrian Plan Implementation and Evaluation Committee

Randall Best (chair)
Purpose of Committee:

  • Monitor status and recommend updates to both plans
  • Make recommendations on implementation of plans
  • Make recommendations on evaluation of the plans and facilities (i.e. bike counts, crash data)
  • Coordinate with the community engagement committee on community input

Community Engagement Committee

Jennifer McDuffie (chair)
Purpose of Committee:

  • Engage and facilitate input from Durham neighborhoods and stakeholders (i.e., schools, police) regarding bicycle/pedestrian policy and planning

Education and Encouragement Committee

Jennifer McDuffie (chair)
Purpose of Committee:

  • Facilitate local events (e.g., Bike to Work Week, bike valets, participation at festivals)
  • Update the website and social media

Meeting Schedule

A schedule of BPAC and committee meetings for 2013 is posted here. Check the Durham Bike and Pedestrian Listserv for last minute announcements about meetings or changes to the schedule.

BPAC Goals and Committees Goals

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BPAC Membership

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