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Participate with BPAC

Contribute to making Durham more Pedestrian and Bike Friendly

BPAC could use your help to promote more biking and walking in Durham. Funding for new sidewalks, bikeways, greenways and safe intersections is becoming more difficult to secure, and without your voice and support, better non-vehicular infrastructure will never materialize.

We also need your help to shape development and law enforcement policy so that it will be more favorable to biking and walking.

Here are ways that you can help us:

  1. Ride your bike and walk in Durham.
    Pinpoint the location of your home or workplace on a map, and see what lies within one mile. Try walking or biking to stores, restaurants or parks within that area. The more pedestrians and bikers there are, the easier it is to make a case for better infrastructure and policies. We’d also like to hear from you what you like or dislike about your trip.
  2. Join the listserv.
    The Durham Bike & Ped Advocacy Listserve is a great way to learn about upcoming events, action alerts, and to join in the discussion on how to improve the walking/biking experience in Durham.
  3. Read and Promote the Bicycle and Pedestrian Plans.
    Familiarize yourself with the adopted plans for sidewalks, bicycling and trails. Remind our local and state leaders to implement these plans.
  4. Join a BPAC committee.
    BPAC has standing committees that concentrate on:

    • Implementation of the Durham Comprehensive Bicycle Plan,
    • Implementation of the DurhamWalks Pedestrian Plan,
    • Development,
    • Communications.

    You don’t have to be a BPAC board member to join a BPAC committee.

  5. Attend a monthly BPAC Board meeting.
    The public is always welcome to our monthly meetings. (7pm, 3rd Tuesday of each month, City Hall Committee Room) We always have time at the top of the agenda to hear about pedestrian and bike concerns. If you like what you see, apply to become a BPAC board member.
    To get on the agenda, contact Dale McKeel at 560-4366 ext. 30421 or (of course, replace AT with @)
  6. Join BPAC.
    The Durham City Council and the Durham Board of County Commissioners periodically solicit applications to fill positions on the Durham Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission. Applications are considered by the City Council and County Commissioners as vacancies arise.