Third Fork Creek Trail (A Segment of the North/South Greenway)

Trail Status:
This trail is a 10-foot wide, paved, off-road trail which follows Third Fork Creek.  Sections of the trail can be under water or muddy during wet weather.   

 Trail Details:
  • Length:  3.6 miles
  • Surface: Paved off-road trail, 10 feet wide
  • Begins at Southern Boundaries Park (Parking)
  • Ends at Garrett Road Park (Parking)
  • Other Access Points:  Ramps to MLK, Courtland Drive, Cardinal Dr., S. Roxboro between Oakbrook and Heatherwood, Woodcroft Parkway and Hope Valley Road by Woodcroft Shopping Center
  • Schools:  None
  • Parks: Southern Boundaries Park, Garrett Road Park
  • Restrooms:  Southern Boundaries Park, Garrett Road Park
  • Public Transit Stops: Route 7 - Walmart at MLK, Route 14 at Woodcroft Shopping Center
Connecting Trails:
The American Tobacco Trail via bike lanes on M L King Drive or via Woodcroft Parkway
Trail Features:
This trail follows Third Fork Creek.  In spite of some creative engineering, the trail does flood in high water.  Mud and water may be on the trail at such times.  Most boardwalks do not have rails.  Be careful.  
Additional Information:
For repairs:  Durham Parks and Recreation

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